Sunday, July 20, 2008

R&F 9-a: "Point's New 527, part 1"

I Got Something a little different for you 'Toonfans this week!I am attempting to ramp up my output of 'Toons a little, to more than one a week, and am experimenting with a "daily strip" style format.

I had intended to run a standard, weekend strip here today, and then release the serial strips through the week. I ran out of week at the end of my week, though, and didn't get the large-format 'Toon done.

So we start the week a little early, with the first of (at least) a 3-part series of strips entitled, "Point's New 527". I should be running the other installments on every-other day. Enjoy.

The Adventure Continues in "Point's New 527, Part 2"

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