Monday, June 30, 2008

Ralphie and Friends 6: "Laissez-Fur"

Did ya' miss me, folks? I did not post this 'Toon last Sunday because.. Well because of a lot of things. I have this one now, though, and a few promising ones on deck.

Despite what you may have heard, America does not have a strictly "Free Market" economy. It's a bit more complicated than that...

...And Shar-Peis ARE adorable, as are American Mutts.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ralphie and Friends 5: "Political Whiplash"

This Week's Sunday Cartoon (The first one to appear on Sunday) is entitled "Political Whiplash", and is a Commentary on the Schizophrenic nature of Primary Politics, as they segue into General Election Politics.

George Herbert Walker Bush Famously referred to Reagan's economic policies as "Voodoo Economics". A few months later he was out on the trail stumping to get Reagan elected High Voodoo Priest and Shaman-in-Chief.

Pat Buchanan then challenged Bush. "They're all in on it, the insider game, the establishment game -- this is what we're running against." a bit later, he was speaking at the Republican National Convention, telling everybody to vote Bush to the position of Backroom-Establishment-Insider-in-Chief.

Even in the 2004 contest, when Democrats were sickeningly united in their efforts to elect ABB (Anybody But Bush), Edwards called Kerry an "Insider",and mocked his proposal for a committe to study harmful trade agreements, saying,"What you're going to say to a family that's lost their job because of bad trade agreements is, 'Don't worry, we've got a Washington committee that's studying this for you.'" Then, like magic, Edwards' name appeared on bumper stickers everywhere, right behind Kerry's.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ralphie and Friends 4: "Dumb As A Stump"

Welcome Back, ToonFans! Another Week, Another Ralphie And Friends Cartoon. Ralphie is back this week, with yet another new friend, The Dummy. The Dummy believes everything he reads in an e-mail, and his vote counts just as much as yours. Read, and be appropriately frightened...

As usual, Click the Image to see it Much More Biggerer

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ralphie and Friends 3: "Is America Ready?"

Yes, Boys and Girls, It is That time again! Time for another Cartoon! This one needs pretty much no explanation. As Always, Click it to See it Big!

After figuring out all the angles to the architecture in this place, I almost feel qualified to do Architectural Renderings. Almost, but not quite.
I just want to say, now that it is up and finished, I kind of wish I had changed the punchline in the bottom corner to "Why Does She Always Take So Long To Get Ready For Everything?" It's a small change, but If I had to do it all again I would change that.

A quick Google search for "Is America Ready" comes up with some links to demonstrate my point. I haven't read them beyond the titles, so beware: The opinions contained within are not necessarily those of Frank Gibson or "Ralphie and Friends".

I even got one result I wasn't expecting. The way-out-there forecast of Bobby Jindal as McCain's VP choice prompted this rhetorical question from Delaware Liberal:
Is America ready to vote for an Indian-American?

That caught me by surprise. Not only am I not ready to vote for this guy, I am not even ready to ask the question of whether I am ready to vote for this guy. NOTE: That was "Indian American", NOT "American Indian" There is a difference. Think Ghandi, Not Sitting Bull.